Assisstive Technology Spotlight: Utility Vehicle (UTV)

One of the most common recommendations AgrAbility makes is for a utility vehicle (UTV). They are great solutions to assist individuals with mobility around the farm. There are many modifications and attachments that can then be added to UTVs to further assist the individual. One great modification, especially this time of year, is an enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning.

Cold weather can make it more difficult for individuals to manage their arthritis. Having a warm place protected from winter wind can help reduce symptoms. This is also a benefit to individuals who have cold sensitivities or individuals who cannot sense when their limbs are cold. As we all know, farmers work outside in all weather conditions. Taking proper precautions, taking breaks and working in warm environments is important. A heated UTV can make a huge difference!

bobcat-utvA cab and heater can be added to most existing utility vehicles or a utility vehicle can be purchased with a cab and heater already installed. If you are interested in adding a cab and heater to an existing utility vehicle you should contact your dealer to determine if this can be done on the model you have.

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