AT Spotlight: Spring Loaded Automatic Gates

Growing up on a farm the “shotgun” seat wasn’t the coveted seat in the pickup truck… it was the middle seat we all wanted! Sitting in the middle seat meant you didn’t have to jump in and out to open and close gates. 🙂 But when you are working solo (and the middle seat isn’t an option) opening and closing those stubborn gates can really wear you out.

When you are alone, opening just one gate requires climbing out of the pickup truck or piece of equipment, walking to the gate, unlatching the gate, moving the gate out of the way, climbing back in the pickup truck or equipment, moving it through the gate, climbing back out to close and latch the gate, and then climbing back in to be on your way. And most farmers open gates many times a day.  This can become excruciating for individuals with joint or mobility impairments.

Thankfully there is an assistive technology (AT) solution to this problem! 


A farmer can drive through gates without climbing on and off a tractor or in and out of a vehicle.

For accessing a pasture with electric fences a Spring Loaded Automatic Gate is a great solution! With this gate, you can drive through with any piece of equipment or pickup truck from either direction. Then the gate swings shut behind you.

For more solutions and ideas, visit our Assistive Technology on the Farm board on Pinterest!


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