Assistive Technology Spotlight: Lamb/Kid Sling & Remote Video System

Many farmers are preparing for lambing and kidding season. The safety and health of flock is a farmer’s top priority as the birth of these lambs and kids is the future of the farm. AgrAbility’s top priority is the safety and health of the farmer during this time!

There are many tools and types of assistive technology that can make this season easier on the farmer. A simple piece of assistive technology for this time is a lamb or kid sling. A Lamb sling

The lamb/kid sling is designed to allow workers to pick up and carry lambs or kids while limiting stress placed on the back and joints of the worker. This is also a helpful solution for workers with an arm amputation or limited use of an arm. Once the lamb/kid is in the sling the worker can carry them easily with one arm and without struggling to control the wiggly new animals.
A remote video camera system can allow the farmer to monitor activity from their home. This can be very beneficial for farmers with mobility impairments. The number of trips to the barn can be reduced along with the stress of wondering what’s happening in the barn. Many types of camera systems are available and can be found at most electronic stores sold as security cameras.

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